How to Set Up Your ClickUp Account

ClickUp is my favorite project management tool on the market right now. Its unique hierarchy is one of the stand out features.

But because of that, there are a few important things you need to do when setting up your ClickUp account!

How to Set Up Your ClickUp Account

How to Set Up Your ClickUp Account

Step 1: Sign up for your ClickUp account

Simply go to and sign up for your free account. You will have a chance to set your password and will be emailed a code to confirm your account.

How to Set Up Your ClickUp Account: Step 1

Step 2: Customize Your Avatar

The first thing you do is customize your avatar. You can simple change the color and use your initials or upload a profile picture. It is a great way to personalize your account, especially when you work with a team.

Step 3: Set Your ClickUp Theme Color

I love that you can customize your ClickUp account by setting your theme color. The default is purple, but you can choose from any of the 14 options they have. I am hoping that they will let you set a custom color in the future.

Step 4: Pick Your Integrations

ClickUp has several integrations and most of them are free. It is my preference to set these up later, once the account is fully set up. But you can do whatever feels right to you.

Step 5: Set Your Team

ClickUp have several features that are made for teams. Even if you are the only one using your ClickUp workplace, I always set it to “Me & Others” because you never know how you will use it in the future! They will also ask how many people are on your team, I believe this is more of a market research question than anything.

Step 6: Name Your Workplace (or Team)

ClickUp recently launched ClickUp 2.0 but not all of the terminology has been updated just yet. So the highest level at ClickUp is a Workplace (previously known as Team). Think of think as an organization. I like to name it as the business name. So for example, Blog Me Lovely. Or if you are your brand, it can simply be your name.

Step 7: Invite Team Members

You can invite your team members right from the start. However, this is another time where I like to wait until the main structure of the account is all set up.

Step 8: Set Your Workplace (or Team) Avatar

Another reason I love ClickUp is because of the customization. Being able to add an avatar for your workplace makes it easily recognizable (especially if someone is a part of more than one workplace!) This is the perfect place for your business logo or mark.

Step 9: Create Your First Space

Now that your Workplace is created, you need to create a space.

You can learn more about the ClickUp hierarchy and the 4 spaces you need to have as a service-based business owner here).


Step 10: Turn On Your ClickApps

A handful of ClickApps are turned on by default. I highly recommend you turn them all on (even if you don’t plan on using them just yet). The absolute MUSTS in my opinion are Dates, Tags and Custom Fields. You don’t need to stress too much about this because you can always turn ClickApps on and off!

Step 11: Set Your Statuses

Custom statuses are one of the best ClickUp features. However, I recommend mapping out your account (including custom statuses for each space, folder and list) on pen and paper first AND THEN setting them up in ClickUp. So I would just select Simple Statuses for now and change once planned out!

Step 12: Select Team Integrations

Team integrations is not something I am very familiar with as I don’t currently use any of them. But if you use any of them, by all means connect them. You can do that right here or once your account is properly set up.

Step 13: Import Tasks

While ClickUp can import tasks from tools like Asana, Trello and more, I don’t recommend using this option. ClickUp is set up so differently than the other tools that it takes quite a bit or restructuring and reorganizing. If you are moving platforms, use this time to reevaluate everything you are doing and reorganize and restructure your tasks by manually setting up your ClickUp account.

Step 14: Celebrate!

Your ClickUp account is officially set up! There is still a lot that needs to be done to truly customize the account but congratulations on taking the first step!

Now that you have your brand new ClickUp account, you need help getting it set up THE RIGHT WAY!

That is why I created #GSD with ClickUp!

So if you are ready to organize your business and life with ClickUp, I invite you to sign up for this AMAZING course for JUST $97!


So tell me, do you use ClickUp?

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